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Take 101

The A to Z in film making

Are you a film maker, producer, director, actor, screen play writer, cinematographer, part of the crew?

Are you an aspiring film maker or looking to start a career in the movie industry?

Do you want to learn how to make a film, documentary or music videos?

Do you want to know what happens behind the scenes on those wonderful films you see on your local cinema?

Take 101 will take you on a journey on the film making process from concept to reality, from idea to motion picture. 

Take 101 will bring you industry professionals to take you through the A to Z in film making.

Are you keen on learning the ins and out on how to finance, budget, produce, direct, distribute and market your film globally? You will see and hear stake holders in the Film Industry talk about how to make a good film on low budget
Take 101 will educates independent film makers to successfully Produce, Direct, Shoot, Finance, Market & Distribute micro budget film.

Our Topics

Screenwriting for Micro Budget Films

Digital Filmmaking A to Z 

Planning the stages -Pre production, principal photography and post production

Budgeting• Scheduling • Casting•Crewing• Locations• Financing • Film Markets•Film Festivals•Selling and Packaging • Marketing & Selling nationally and Internationally •Profit Participation and Revenue Collection

How a first–time screenwriter and filmmaker can get their first film made.

Take 101 will also show you the general tips on showbiz including, selling to Hollywood, Africa and Asia

Take 101 will bring in some film reviews and critical analysis on films made especially by British, Gollywood and Nollywood film makers

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