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Malcolm A Benson is the brain behind the Benalex Media Brand. He is a Lawyer and an Actor who also Writes, Directs & Produces a number of films through Benalex Media. Some of the successful projects are Phantom of Fury, Ortega and His Enemies, Lads in The City and Return of The Don etc. He also works with other film makers to produce films such as Gold Dust Ikenga etc. He directed the film Forget The Pact and launched two TV shows called Take 101 and Show4Africa TV 

Head over to our youtube channel to checkout the latest episode of           Take101. A weekly show that takes you on a journey on the film making process from concept to reality, from idea to motion picture. We have industry professionals to take you through the A to Z in film making. Are you keen on learning the ins and out on how to finance, budget, produce, direct, distribute and market your film globally? You will see and hear stake holders in the Film Industry talk about how to make a good film on low budget Take 101 will educates independent film makers to successfully Produce, Direct, Shoot, Finance, Market & Distribute micro budget film.