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Return of The Don New Published Book is Out on Amazon 

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It’s Official and Dr Malcolm A Benson is now a Published Author. His new book is finally published and available to order on multiple bookshops. Please Click to Buy Now 

About the Book

Ex-mafia boss, Charlie Reid, returns to his old stomping ground to be with his dying father. Jack Ackerman, the new man in charge and Charlie’s childhood best friend, isn’t happy and flexes his mafia muscle to obliterate any foul play. However, the two powerful gangland kingpins rule their worlds, hijacking each other's orbit, which now, is on a collision course. Writer, director, producer and actor Dr Malcolm A. Benson invites you into the compelling and hard-hitting world of Return of the Don. Buy Now by Clicking Here

Rose believes in the ‘For better For Worse, till death do us part’ principle of marriage. However with Zach her husband’s increasing assault and domestic violence, Rose needs to decide between saving her life or staying put with the abuse till death puts the marriage at bay

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